List of Wildix Supported VoIP Operators

On this page you can find a list of Wildix supported VoIP operators in Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria.

This page provides examples of SIP trunk configuration. For detailed explanation of each field in SIP trunk configuration window, please check out this page.

Go to WMS > Trunks > Trunks and click on “+” under “SIP” table

The trunk configuration window opens.

The following parameters must be entered:

  • Title: description of trunk
  • Trunk name: trunk name
  • Auth login: provided by the VoIP carrier for authentication
  • From user: forced from number header and used for invite messages and for registration (if “From domain” is not empty), usually the same as “Auth login”
  • From domain: forced from domain header and used in register and invite SIP messages
  • Address or host name: address or host name of sip proxy; “dynamic” indicates that the trunk is used for incoming registration (incoming invites are allowed)
  • Password: password for authentication provided by the VoIP Carrier
  • Dialplan: Dialplan procedure for routing incoming calls to this trunk
  • Country Code: used for number normalization, specify the code of the country where the trunk is used
  • Enable registration: enables outgoing registration (in case of PBXs SIP interconnection, it is enabled on the Slave PBX SIP trunk and disabled on Master)

Refer to our ONLINE GUIDE to learn about advanced SIP trunk settings.

USA: XO Communication

Italy: Messagenet, Clouditalia, Digitel Italia, Voipvoice, BT ENIA, Mclink GNR, Mclink, Fastweb, TWT GNR, TWT, Qcom, Tiscali, CDLAN, Welcome Italia, TSI, KPNQWest Italia, Telecom Slovenia

Deutsche Telefon Standard AG, HFO Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, 1&1 SIP Trunk, Peoplefone (DE), Ecotel SIPTrunk DDI, Sipgate, Easybell


Orange, Alphalink, Completel, Hexanet, IPdirections, Colt, Keyo, MyStream, Leonix, Legos, Jaguar, CNSI, ServeurCom, OpenIP, Sewan, Stephie Telecom, Axialys ,Smcd, Ovh, Jaguar Network, Adenis, Adista, Lasotel

Peoplefone, Sipcall, VoipCloud

MyTweak, Tele-Tec, Linznet, aiCall

The Netherlands:
Voys NL, Voiceworks, Weritech, Copaco2tCloud, Blue Com

Help us to add supported VoIP provider

Note: the tables are constantly updated!
You have tried other SIP trunks on Wildix system? Please share it with us. Provide an example of SIP trunk configuration.
We will add your VoIP provider to the list.


We highly appreciate your help.

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