Security at Wildix

Security is a Top Priority for Wildix and all the security features are built-in inside the product.

Security is thus ensured always and is not delegated to third party devices.

All Wildix products are regularly controlled for security breaches and upgrades are made available whenever any breaches are discovered in Wildix services or in third party libraries used by the system.

Security measures in place

We support the following security and encryption protocols and report tools:

  • Support for Single Sign-On with Active Directory, Google, Microsoft Office 365
  • Support for 2 Factor Authentication over when using Google, Microsoft Office 365 Single Sign-On
  • TLS – encryptiong of https traffic to the PBX, screen sharing sessions
  • SIP TLS – sip signalling over TLS
  • SRTP – SDES-AES 128 encryption of voice / audio
  • DTLS-SRTP – TLS encryption of voice / audio
  • VPN AES encrypted traffic between PBXs
  • LDAP via TLS
  • SMTP / IMAP / POP3 connections over TLS
  • SSH console access
  • Intrusion detection over all services managed by the PBX (SIP / RTP / DNS proxy / NTP / Web)
  • DoS protection over all services managed by the PBX (SIP / RTP / DNS proxy / NTP / Web)
  • SIP SBC built in
  • Requirement for secure passwords
  • Support for Zabbix monitoring
  • Report of intrusion detected within the System

All these security measures are enabled by default on all Wildix Phones and Media Gateways connected to the system. All Wildix Phones and Media Gateways cannot be accessed by using Master Passwords.

Security vulnerabilities report

Vulnerabilities and questions about privacy must be communicated using the following email, we have a Vulnerability Reward Program in place. The reward will depend on the importance of the problem found.

Reasons to contact us at

  • I’m experiencing a security problem with my Wildix account
  • I want to report a technical security bug in a Wildix product (WMS, Collaboration, WMP, Kite, ubiconf, WP, iOS / Android Wildix apps)
  • I have a privacy doubt or a privacy-related question about Wildix products and services.
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