Wildix PER USER license profiles for hardware, virtual and cloud PBX


1. Choose the platform.

Hardware PBX Virtual PBX Cloud PBX

Licensing Profiles

2. Choose the user profile: it’s possible to activate different profiles within the same system.

Concurrent Calls per User 2 call 4 calls 8 calls 8 calls
Devices per User 1 10 10 10
Phone Service ok ok ok ok
Mobility ok ok ok ok
Collaboration ok ok ok
iPhone and
Android apps
ok ok ok
WebRTC Kite ok ok
WebRTC ubiconf videoconference ok ok
Attendant Console ok ok
WebAPI – TAPI – Integration ok ok
CDR-View Analytics ok
Contact Center
Interactive Queues

Licensing Features Details

PBX-BASIC Basic licences are designed for simple phone services like unattended phones, hotel rooms and users that don’t use a PC or smartphone.

  • 1 Device for each user
  • Phonebook on phones (without presence)
  • Voicemail
  • FAX machine – FXS devices
  • Doorphones devices
  • LDAP / Active Directory / Google apps / Office 365 authentication
  • Unlimited trunk
  • Unlimited IVR
  • Unlimited ACD
  • Timetables
  • WMSNetwork
  • Web Collaboration
  • 10 Devices for each user
  • iPhone/Android client
  • Live presence in Phonebook
  • Activate FAX server for all users
  • Chat and Presence
  • Post – it
  • File transfer
  • Desktop Sharing
  • WebRTC Video Calls peer to peer
  • Full access to Phonebooks
  • SMS sending and receiving
  • Call recording
  • Kite WebRTC – Chat – Audio – Video – Desktop sharing from the company Website
  • UbiConf WebRTC conference room, 25 partecipants per room, 1 room for each user/licence
  • WebAPI
  • TAPI
  • Predictive dialer API
  • Attendant Console
  • Outlook integration
  • CDRView
  • FIAS – Hotel PMS integration**
  • ESPA 4.4.4 interface**
  • Contact Center Interactive Queues Management interface

** system wide features. One licence activate the feature for the full system  

Periodic licence check:

All Hardware and Virtual Wildix systems update their license information daily connecting via port 443 to pbx.wildix.com. It doesn’t apply to Cloud systems.

If connection to the license server is not available, PBX will continue working for the following period of time:

Per-User mode, HW/VM: 14 days

After the specified period of time, the PBX will support only one call for emergency purposes.

Transfer, upgrade, downgrade of licences:

Licences are assigned to one end user and are not transferable between different end users.

Monthly and Yearly licences numbers can be increased or decreased at any time.

Lifetime licences can not be decreased or upgraded.


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