Below you can find a list of known issues and their workarounds / solution.


Q: sip tls connection on a deviceĀ is not working
A: make sure the device system time is syncronized using an ntp server and that port 443 is open

Q: do all Wildix devices support TLS?
A: all excluding, W01FXS-W02FXS-W01GSM-WP400

Q: how to hide all phonebooks of a user?
A: create an empty phonebook and assign that phonebook to the user

Q: windows integration utility works with terminal server?
A: currently it is not fully supported

Known Issues

Issue: Fortigate blocks packets from remote W01FXS/W02FXS; since WMS v. 3.84 remote W01FXS / W02FXS use a new type of SIP encryption with the aim of improving security and bypassing SIP-ALG; Fortigate VoIP security module blocks the packets because SIP requests can’t be identified
Solution: apply the following CLI to disable this issue on Fortigate side:
config voip profile
edit “default”
set comment “Default VoIP profile.”
config sip
set block-unknown disable


Issue: system started recordings are stopped during a semi-attended transfer (attender transfer without waiting for an answer
Solution: do not use semi attended transfer if recording must be continued

Issue: recording stops writing to a file after blind transfer to a number in wms network (reason codec priority)
Solution: force a common codec (g729 or g711)

Issue: W-AIR 150 Handset Microphone does not work
Solution: go to “Settings” -> “Audio Settings” -> “Noise Reduction” -> OFF

Issue: W01FXS First Generation sometimes stops working and must be rebooted (up to 2012)
Solution: use power adapter instead of PoE

Issue: Huawei P8 and P8 Lite cannot connect to Overlay
Solution: turn off 802.11n support in Overlay as it not correctly supported by these mobiles phones

Normal behaviour

call block does not work if call of local blocked user is routed via wms network
call block does not work for attendant transferred calls