This instruction explains how to access statistics of Wildix Kite (widget) events on Google Analytics, assuming you are already using Google Analytics and are familiar with how it works.

Created: November 2017


Reporting of Kite widget events to Google Analytics (GA) starts automatically as long as Google Analytics is enabled for the web page on which the Kite widget is loaded.

Important: reporting works only for Kite widget.

Events that take place in a new browser window are not reported to Google Analytics. Example: you are using a Kite contact-me button (Kite link); if someone hits the button, this event takes place in a new browser window, so there is no reporting with Google Analytics. For the same reason, a call event started from Kite widget is reported to Google Analytics, but everything that happens during a call takes place in a new browser window, so it is not reported.

Kite data on Google Analytics

Log into your Google Analytics account

See an overview of Kite conversations your agents have handled over a period of time

  1. Select Behavior -> Events -> Top Events on the left sidebar
  2. Select WildixKite under Event Category



See real-time Kite connections if any are present

  1. On the left sidebar select Real-Time -> Events
  2. Select WildixKite under Event Category

23621240_10208285098085006_5729639542698627600_nSupported event types related to Wildix Kite widget

  • widgetLoaded: Number of times the widget was loaded
  • connectedWithAgent: Number of times visitors connected with an agent
  • messageSent: Number of times agents sent messages to visitors
  • messageReceived: Number of times visitors sent messages to agents
  • callInit: Number of started calls
  • videoCallInit: Number of started video calls
  • screenSharingStarted: Number of screen sharing sessions
  • LoggedOut: Number of times users logged off from Kite sessions