Set up the sync of contacts for Android/iOS to be able to access the PBX phonebooks from your device.


Go to iPhone Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars

  1. Select Add Account
  2. Select Other
  3. Select Add CardDAV Account
  4. Enter the Server name (PBX domain name or IP) – User name – Password – Description

Now all your PBX contacts appear in your iPhone phonebook.

Go to iPhone Phone > Contacts and select the groups that you wish to be displayed in the phonebook of your iPhone



Go to Mobile Collaboration App Settings > Install WildixDAV

  1. Enter the server name (PBX domain name or IP) – User name – Password
  2. Tick off the phonebook that you wish to sync (it’s necessary to add phonebooks one by one, so repeat the
    steps again to add more phonebooks for sync)
  3. Enter the local name for the phonebook
  4. Check in device’s Settings > Personal > Accounts & sync that the sync is ON
    default sync time: 1 hour + a random period (between 5 and 59 minutes)

Now Contacts from the phonebook soon appear in “Contacts” menu of Wildix Mobile Collaboration App