This page contains the guidelines to proper use of Wildix trademark.

Wildix Trademark.

The name Wildix was created in 2003 and it is synonymous with high-quality Hardware and Software solutions. Wildix is a trademark, it can be used by the Wildix Partners or Wildix Clients once they get an authorisation from the Wildix Marketing Department.

To get an authorisation to use Wildix trademark,
please write your request to:
Use the following Subject: Logo use request
You can write your request in English, Italian, French, German, Dutch, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish Languages.

The Meaning of the name Wildix.

The name “Wild” + “ix”. “Wild” is intended as something that continues to develop without knowing any limits, as a Wild Card (Joker); while “ix” stands for “exchange” and refers to the abbreviation “IP PBX” (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange).


The Wildix logo must always be used pursuant to the specifications provided below.
Any use that falls outside of these specifications is strictly prohibited.




  • Use the positive version on light or white backgrounds. The negative version may be used on dark color backgrounds.
  • The logo is not accompanied by the registered trademark symbol (®).
  • “W” (double u) pictogram may not be separated from the logotype.

Logo Colour.

CMYK: 100% 55% 10% 48%
RGB: 0 39 67
Pantone: 2955 C

Download Logos:

Positive:  Logo-wildix-blu.pdf

Negative: Logo-wildix-negative.pdf


Wildix Logo Official Font:

Wildix logo uses Futura Heavy Type Font.

wildix font