Function keys / BLF keys allow monitoring of colleagues and features and performing different actions

Set up BLF keys

There are two ways to set up BLF keys of your phone:

Collaboration Settings > Function Keys:


To add BLF keys: select the Function key from the list and click “+”


To change the order of BLF keys: use Drag&Drop

To add key expansion modules (supported by WP490G): select “Exp module” from the list and click “+”, then move BLF keys to be displayed on expansion module under the corresponding section of the table:


Additional options available for: “Colleague”, “Call group”, “Speed Dial”, “Park orbit”:


  • View calls (eye): visual notification with caller information; press BLF to pick up
  • Audio notification (speaker): plays back a beep when there is an incoming call
  • Direct transfer (arrow): press the BLF key during a call for blind transfer



Video Tutorial (Configure BLF keys and use from WP):



WMS Users > Edit preferences, Settings -> Function keys:


Monitor BLF keys and perform actions

You can monitor BLF keys and perform different actions on them from:

    • WP (Wildix Phone): all BLF keys supported
    • Collaboration > Function keys menu: supported BLF keys – Colleague, Park orbit, Speed Dial, Timetable, Switch, Trunk

Video Tutorial (Call pick up from Collaboration Function Keys menu):

The list of the function keys:


  • Monitor user status
  • Press to call
  • Press to pick up a ringing call

Park orbit

  • Press to park an active call
  • Press again to resume


  • Shows the actual status of the line
  • Press to use the line
  • Press to answer a call or to resume a call from hold

Speed Dial

    • Press to call

Note: you can use any shortcut based on Feature codes with Speed Dial function key, example: enter the value “cgmanager*2*[call_group_ID]” into the field for dynamic call group login / logout
More information on Feature codes:


  • Monitor the status of channels on a trunk (in case there are no available channels, BLF is on)
  • Press to use this trunk

Timetable / Switch / 3 state switch

  • Monitor the status of a timetable / switch
  • Press to change the status

Group pick up

  • Press to pick up a ringing call of a user from your ACL group
    (feature works for users registered to the same PBX)

Call group

  • Monitor if there is an incoming call to call group
  • Press to dial a call group or to pick up a ringing call (when blinking) of a call group


  • Press to send DTMF