Fax Server Quick Guide

Fax Server application allows you to send and receive faxes and SMS messages via Wildix Collaboration, to use Fax2Mail, Mail2Fax and Mail2SMS services.

Updated: 07/2015



For Physical PBXs: Make sure that the USB drive’s partition or a Windows share for faxes is added in WMS Settings → System → Storages (consult WMS Start Guide)

SMS sending: W01GSM gateway

General Fax/SMS Server settings

An email address to which the copy of all the sent and received faxes and SMS are saved is defined in WMS Settings → System → Fax Server “Send a copy of sent and received faxes and SMS to this e-mail”

Mail2Fax and Mail2SMS


Note: email must be sent from the email address associated to one of the users.

Set up Mail2Fax service

The PBX checks the mailbox, once new emails corresponding to the parameters of Mail2Fax service are found, the PBX sends them to one or multiple numbers present in the email.

  1. Go to WMS Settings → System → Fax/SMS server
  2. Click “+” to add a new Fax/SMS Server Profile:
  • Name: enter the name (identifier)
  • Protocol: select the protocol of communication with your email server (POP3 or IMAP)
  • Server: settings of your email server to access incoming messages
  • Use SSL: enables secure connection to the server (required by some email servers)
  • User: email address of user to access to the server
  • Password: password to access to email address of user specified in the field above
  • Keep e-mails and faxes on server: enables storing of messages on the server
  • Dialplan procedure: select the Dialplan procedure to manage
  • Protection password: security password for MAIL2FAX service
  1. “Test fetching mails” allows you to check if the parameters are correct


Option 1 – Simplified

Prerequisite: WMS version 3.40 and higher

Send email in plain text or HTML format with an attachment (PDF or TIFF) to the PBX email address (specified in “Fax/SMS Server”) *.

In the email subject indicate one or more fax numbers (separated by comma).

PBX forwards the fax to one or multiple numbers indicated in the email subject.

PBX follows the “fax dialplan” procedure selected in the WMS → Users for the user who had sent the email.


Option 2 – OLD

  1. Create an ad hoc dialplan procedure “faxout” or edit an existing Dialplan procedure, for instance “users”. Specify the prefix for line engagement.
  1. Send an email in plain text format with an attachment (PDF or TIFF) to the PBX email address (specified in “Fax/SMS Server”) containing the text as provided in the example below *:
    • FAXNUMBER: 00461019978 (destination number)
    • STATIONID: Wildix PBX
    • HEADERINFO: Fax Server
    • FROMNUMBER:100 (fax sender)
    • LANGUAGE: it
    • ANSRETRY: 3 (number of attempts of fax sending)
    • NOANSRETRY: 5 (number of attempts of fax sending in case there is no response from the called party)
    • FAXPASSWORD: wildix (protection password)
    • CONTEXT: faxout (dialplan procedure used to manage fax calls)
    • CCNUMBER: 00461019978 00461019978 00461019978 (additional destination numbers)

Note: In this example the prefix “0” is used for the line engagement in “faxout” Dialplan procedure

The PBX receives an email and uses the “faxout” procedure to send the fax to one or multiple numbers indicated in the email body.

* it is possible to attach no more than 2 files to one letter


Send an email in plain text format to the PBX email address containing the text as provided in the example below:

  • FROMNUMBER:100 (SMS sender)
  • TONUMBER: +393412345678 (destination number)
  • SMSPASSWORD: wildix
  • CCNUMBER: +393412345678 +393412345678 (additional destination numbers)
  • MESSAGE:Hello World!


Fax reception


Make sure SMTP client is defined in WMS Settings → System → SMTP client (consult WMS Start Guide)

Answer an incoming call using FAX Server and forward fax to one or multiple fax numbers / users.

In case the number is used both to receive voice calls and faxes, you can add the Dialplan application “Detect fax” before this one.

Consult Dialplan applications guide → “Fax to email” and “Detect fax”.

Fax/SMS sending

Send Fax/SMS from Collaboration

Users can send faxes and SMS to one or multiple numbers.

Users can send Post-It messages in the form of SMS.


Consult Collaboration guide.

Send Fax from Windows / Mac OS X applications

Users can send faxes from their Windows or Mac OS X running PC using Wildix Fax Printer.

Consult Integration Utility Guide.

Send SMS via remote PBX

Prerequisites: WMS 3.4x and higher.

WMS Settings → System → Fax/SMS Server: Remote PBX (for SMS sending): select the PBX in WMS Network

Note: it is also possible to set up a Standard SMS header

Appendix: Analog fax machine

Incoming Fax to FXS user

Detect fax and forward it to analog fax machine (with the possibility to send a copy to user’s email).

Consult Feature Codes guide → “Fax Relay”.


Outgoing Fax from FXS user

Send faxes from a fax machine to trunk.

Consult Feature Codes Guide → “Fax Relay”.


Virtual scanner

Use analog fax as a scanner (fax to email)

Consult Feature Codes guide → “Virtual Scanner”.

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