Configuration Guide of Baudisch doorphone (Mod. 33-1486) on Wildix PBX

This guide explains how to connect a Baudisch doorphone to a Wildix PBX and set up a video preview and an unlock button on WP600AXX.

Version created: May 2017 


Step 1. Create a doorphone user on WMS

Proceed as follows:

  • Go to WMS -> Users and add a new user (in our example, user 166 Baudisch)

  • Copy the SIP Password of this user. There are two ways to do it:
    • click Set passwords, click Generate near SIP/VoIP, then click Show and copy the SIP password:

    • Otherwise click Export CSV and copy the SIP password of the newly created doorphone user

You will need this password on Step 3.

Step 2. Set Dialplan rules

Proceed as follows:

  • Go to WMS -> Dialplan and create a new Dialplan procedure for the doorphone user (in our example, BaudischDoor)
  • Go to WMS -> Users and assign this Dialplan procedure to the doorphone user: double-click on the doorphone user and edit the field Dialplan

  • Go back to WMS -> Dialplan, double-click on the newly created Dialplan procedure assigned to the doorphone and proceed with editing it according to the scenario described below.

Scenario: when someone presses a button on the doorphone:

  • call arrives to WP600AXX phone (in our example, WP600AXX has extension 101)
  • a video stream from the doorphone is sent to WP6000AXX as preview
  • a button allowing a WP600AXX phone user to open the door is shown on the phone’s interface

Here is an example of the Dialplan configuration:

1 – when a call from the doorphone arrives to WP600AXX, a video preview is automatically shown on the phone’s display; in our example, the webcam module of the doorphone has IP Address

2 – user can press the dedicated “unlock” button on the phone’s display to open the door; in fact, by pressing this button WP600A send dtmf tones “1234” to door station

3 – at this step you can send a call to specified destination, e.g. you can specify called number in “Set” (otherwise you can use Dialplan application “Call group” to send a call to a call group).

Step 3. Set SIP parameters

Access the web interface of the doorphone -> Expert configuration -> SIP:

  • SIP registration: Yes
  • SIP Server: IP Address of PBX or * PBX domain name
  • SIP domain: same as SIP Server
  • SIP User ID: internal number as set in step 1 (in our example, 166)
  • SIP Auth ID: same as SIP User ID
  • SIP Auth PIN: SIP Password copied in step 1

Step 4. Set call destination on door station

Go to Expert configuration -> Call destinations:

Note: in our example, 101 is the extension number of WP600AXX; “1234” is the DTMF code to open the door over the integrated relay.

SW and FW releases

WP600A: at least 2.6.16 for Video preview

WMS: 3.83.34146.02

Baudisch SIP module:

Baudisch CP-Cam:

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