Collaboration WebAPI

Collaboration WebAPI allows you to integrate Wildix Unified Communications capabilities into web applications and external software (CRM, ERP, Fias/Fidelio).

Basic features:

  • Control Wildix devices
  • Answer and make calls
  • Put a call on hold and resume
  • Perform blind and attended transfers
  • Communicate your presence and activity status and geolocation information
  • Monitor presence and activity status and geolocation information of other users
  • Exchange chat messages with users
  • Monitor active calls
  • Record calls
  • Monitor and manage call groups
  • Hotel features (check-in, check-out, wake up calls, make up the room requests management)
  • Call history
  • and other features

Collaboration WebAPI is easy to set up and can be customized to fit your specific needs. The architecture is flexible and scalable and allows implementing additional functionality on the go.


Wildix WebAPI demo is a web application example, ready for integration.

Download the JavaScript library from the Wildix website or directly from your Wildix PBX using this path: https://{PBX_IP}/public/wtapi.js

Developer’s Documentation is available online to help you to understand better the Wildix WebAPIs architecture and to customize the application to your specific needs.

You can fully customise this application by integrating only separate modules from the library or by expanding it with PBX Control APIs.


  • A Wildix PBX
  • A web server
  • Wildix Collaboration license
  • For the integration with external software, Wildix W-TAPI license is required
  • Licenses necessary for Per User PBX:

JavaScript Library Plugins

Console Plugin

Control Wildix devices registered to your extension


  • make a call
  • answer or decline a call
  • put a call on hold and resume
  • blind transfer
  • bridge two calls (attended transfer)
  • start and stop call recording
  • hangup
  • monitor your active calls and receive new calls notifications

Devices supported:

  • Wildix WP phones (except WP400)
  • Web phone


Chat Plugin

Exchange chat messages with all the users of the system.

Subscription Plugin

Monitor the presence status of the colleagues and their geolocation and communicate your own presence status and location to other PBX users.

Call Groups Plugin

Monitor the call center activity and to manage the call groups.


  • Receive the list of all the call groups with a list of group members
  • Monitor the active calls
  • See the talk time / idle time for each group member
  • Dynamically add members to call groups
  • Put a user on pause in a call group
  • See the list of callers, the channel and the waiting time to be connected to a call agent

Usage notes:

  • It is not possible to add a user to a group over the WMS Network
  • For a user who has been dynamically added to a call group, the user preferences do not work (DND, mobility, call forwarding…), “Call waiting” feature is off. For group members added via WMS, user preferences work and “Call waiting” feature is on
  • The ACL ability “can/cannot manage a callcenter” allows a user to perform actions on call groups’ members: put a user on hold, add users to call groups. In case the ability is disabled (“cannot mange a callcenter”), a user can perform the actions only on himself (add himself to a call group, put himself on pause in a call group)

Additional Modules

Predictive Dialer

Predictive Dialer allows you to generate a number of outgoing calls equal to the number of free call agents plus a number of spare calls.
The number of spare calls allows boosting the call center performance by pre-dialing final customers.

Immediately after answer, a final customer can hear a message informing him/her that their call is forwarded to a call agent. While waiting for the answer, either music on hold or a ringback is reproduced.


  • Start/stop calling the customers
  • Manage the call agents and monitor their realtime status
  • See the number of called customers waiting for an answer

Note: Predictive Dialer requires a special Dialplan configuration, for more details contact Wildix Tech Support.

Hotel Manager

Features currently supported

  • Monitor PBX users and rooms with their realtime status information
  • Check-in and check-out
  • Block of outgoing calls in case the room status is vacant
  • Request to make up the room
  • Set up wake up calls
  • View call history and call costs

Note: Hotel Manager requires a special Dialplan configuration, find an example here.


Supported features:  

How to access:

  1. Direct link:
  2. Click “Settings” and fill in the fields:
  • Host: your PBX name
  • Extension: extension of user
  • Password: WEB password of user
  • Callgroup ID: enter the IDs of 1 or more callgroups you want to monitor; SLA wait / percentage parameters are optional

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 16.00.13




The counters start once you connect.

  • “Calls”: number of calls the agent has managed
  • “Global Call Time”: the time this agent has spent in conversations
  • “Global Pause Time”: total idle time of this agent
  • “Pause Time”: time that has passed since the last call
  • “Total calls”: total number of incoming calls to this queu
  • “Calls on queue”: number of active calls on this queue

Add / remove a call agent: click on “+” (the 1st column) and add an extension.

Incoming calls waiting in queue are displayed below in red color



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