Manuals – Wildix Documentation

WMS (Wildix Management System) and PBX

WMS Start Guide

A step by step guide for PBX administrators: how to activate and install a Wildix PBX, how to set up a WMS Network, add users, provision phones and media gateways, configure trunks; practical examples of Dialplan configuration

WMS Technical notes

Technical notes for PBX admins


Guide for sysadmin: how to install PBX as a Virtual Machine or Server HW


Transition WMS 2.x – WMS 3.80.x


PBX Documents


Technical-Commercial Specifications

Media gateways and Networking

Media gateways
Media Gateways – OLD


PoE Switches


PoE Switches – OLD


VDSL PoE Extender


Enterprise Wi-Fi Sync Overlay




W-AIR System

Guide for sysadmin: how to set up a DECT network, where to place bases and repeaters, how to perform firmware upgrade, set up lone worker alarms for W-AIR 150 handset


W-AIR handsets

Guides for end user: how to assign and to use W-AIR handsets




WP 1st series – OLD

Headsets and other Phones Accessories: WHS, WP490EXT, WPEHS


Wildix offers three headsets models – monoaural (WHS-Mono), binaural (WHS-Duo) and bluetooth (WHS-BT); WP490EXT – keypad extension module; WPEHS – wireless headset adapter


Integration of third party headsets: Jabra, Plantronics, Sennheiser, JPL

Wildix has worked with Jabra, Plantronics, Sennheiser and JPL to integrate different headset models to work with the majority of Wildix devices

UC (Unified Communications)


Guide for end user: how to use Chat, Audio and video call, Fax and SMS, File transfer, Softphone, Multichat and audio conference, Attendant Console, Desktop sharing


Integration COMPONENTS

Guides for end user / sysadmin: how to set up and to use the Integration utility component (TAPI driver) in order to place calls from web pages and from various Windows applications and to send faxes using Wildix Fax Printer


Guide for end user: how to use CDR-View component for comprehensive call traffic, costs, user and group activity analysis


Call center Wallboard

Guide for sysadmin: how to install the Wallboard application for call center activity monitoring


iOS/Android Apps

Guides for the sysadmin / end user: how to set up access to shared PBX phonebooks on personally owned devices and to use the applications for iOS/Android


Mobility Enterprise

Guide for sysadmin: how to enable PBX users to receive and make calls via the corporate PBX from personally owned mobile phones


CTI Hotel – OLD

Guide for sysadmin / end user: how to use CTI Hotel on PBXs of WGW-H series with WMS 2.x version

WebRTC Kite & Videoconference

WebRTC Kite

Guide for sysadmin: how to set up Kite service on WMS side and on the website; includes HTML template of Kite contact button and Kite WebAPIs allowing to display call agent status and personal image, Direct call and chat without customer authorization

Kite Guide – DE


Ubiconf WebRTC Videoconference

Guide for end user / sysadmin explaining how to connect and use ubiconf-voice speakerphone

Guide for end user / sysadmin: how to start and to manage the Videoconference; includes bandwidth and browser requirements

Developer Area

Windows TAPI

Documentation for developers: how to integrate Wildix PBX capabilities with PC running Windows


Collaboration WebAPI

Information for developers: Wildix WebAPIs for integration of Wildix PBX capabilities into web application and third-party software; links to download a JavaScript library and access to developer documentation


PBX Control APIs

Set of APIs allowing developers to integrate separate Wildix PBX capabilities into web applications


Web Applications Area

Set of APIs allowing you to extend your Wildix PBX with additional functionality

Enables the system to automatically start alarm call to contacts; contacts must authenticate themselves using PIN and can accept or decline the call. 

Allows embedding a web application such as vTiger into Collaboration with the possibility to receive events (new calls) and request actions (generate calls).


Known issues

A list of Wildix known issues and their workarounds


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